We are now Emmanuel United Church 

Come share with us. 

Services in August will be at Emmanuel East (George Street)

Open summer choir. Rehearse at 9:30.

Our New Congregation!!

As of July 1st St. Andrews United and George Street United combine to become ONE congregation under the working name of Emmanuel United Church.

St. Andrew’s building will be know as the West campus and

George Street building will be known as the East campus.

Services in July will be at the West Campus and Services in August will be at the East campus.
All services will begin at 10:30.
Except for:
July 3rd combined Service at St. James United Church at 11:00

For more information contact Nancy or Wendy

Worship with us Sundays at 10:30 a.m.GSUC Welcome

Literalist? Progressive? Traditionalist? Skeptic? Humanist?
You are welcome at Emmanuel United Church.

We are an affirming ministry!

In a time when Christians are deeply divided, we are trying to have new conversations about Jesus Christ. Who was he? What did he really teach us? Why does he still matter today? He was a religious revolutionary who brought transformation – both personal and political – not doctrine. The original name of the Jesus movement was The Way.  At Emmanuel, we are trying to discern the way, and follow it.

That means all are welcome to our grand old buildings with our brand new thinking. We are a diverse group. The liturgy, while familiar, includes the congregation as leaders. We do more than speak out against injustice; we act out. There is a lot of questioning going on; it is not always comfortable, but it is deeply caring. Through our leadership, our guests, our congregational ministry, we are trying on new ways of seeing; a new perspective that we think can overcome the differences between the literalists and the progressives. You are welcome.St_Andrews photo 4AffirmUasymbol